We are very excited to host @Tristram – Community Moderator at Offensive Security Discord Server, for an “Ask Me Anything ” (AMA) session that will be hosted by Certification Station Discord via Stages on 15th August, Sunday at 1 PM EST.

A little about Tristram:

Tristram is OSCP, OSWE, and OSWP certified and spends his time researching offensive security in order to become a more effective blue team leader defending Healthcare. When he’s not defending Hospitals from adversaries, he enjoys mentoring students and sharing his experiences and research on GitHub. Outside of Information Security, you can catch him by a fire pit cooking up campfire coffee and the best smoked ribs on the east coast.

Github link: https://github.com/gh0x0st/

If you’ve ever had questions like: “How to start preparing for OSCP?” or “How do I combat imposter syndrome/burnout?”, now is the time to ask! Please post your questions on #tristram-red-team-event-chat channel.(edited)



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