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Many of us study hard, when trying to achieve a certification and basically, we think that there are a few kinds of students.


  • You have those that can afford, and are willing to spend lots of money on classroom training and bootcamps. When these students have questions, they can easily reach out to their teacher during the course.
  • You have those that do video training. These trainings are often quite educational, but they don’t always provide means to get a timely answer to the many questions you may have afterwards
  • You have those that buy study books. These people basically have nowhere to go when they have questions.

As far as we are concerned, this indicates a gap in most of those educational models. 

The Gap

The gap can be defined as:


  • not being able to discuss content in a real-time environment
  • studying alone, all by yourself, can be quite demotivating and frustrating
  • when you have questions on any topic, you should be able to reach out to people in a fast, affordable and free way
  • those who have no budget, but still want to gain knowledge, are basically left out in the cold.

With this project we are trying to bridge that gap, by complementing your personal way of studying in terms of:

The Plan

Providing a platform: 

  • where anyone can connect to people that are studying for a certification
  • where you can reach out to people that are certified
  • where you can freely ask questions to people who have expertise in a given domain
  • where you can socialize, have a few laughs
  • where you can connect with some professional teachers (who occasionally will help out with questions. We don’t want to generate a conflict of interest here)
  • where the members can give presentations on things they are good at. Which helps others in understanding a topic better. Which also allows for Q&A during the presentation. And of course, a direct contact to the person doing the presentation.
  • where questions are posed in a quiz like format, allowing discussions on the correct answers

Providing feedback to the commercial professors that support us, so they can improve their course materials


Providing networking capabilities, where people can exchange their social network data, build a network, and in turn, maybe find a new job opportunity.


The Solution

As you can see, the things we offer can greatly benefit any InfoSec student!

What does it cost? Nothing at all! Our platform is totally free!

When browsing our website, you will see that we have some founding fathers. And basically, those are the people that put their hands together to make this work. You can see them as the people who provide guidance, and think of ways to improve the platform. However, they cannot do it alone.

Even though some founded the project, the entire community is part of the team and the team is part of the community.

The community has supported those founding fathers in many ways, by providing suggestions, improvements, content, study notes, quizes and much much more.