We here at Certification Station would like to take the opportunity to shine a bright light on one of our own. Ben Armstrong CISSP, CISM, CDPSE, CCP (CESG) joined CS on Saturday June 27, 2020 where he first interacted with the community as a way to get past his CISSP. After quickly crushing that goal on December 12, 2020 he then selflessly decided to stick around and help others achieve that same goal. His dedication to that effort quickly led to his promotion as a moderator, where he has continued to lead the charge in many efforts behind the scenes. Not only a spirited infosec professional, Armstrong is also a very talented graphics artist. Much of the imagery to be found around CS is his handiwork. He also extends his talents into production and editing for our events, such as creating the recordings and adding his flair via flashy intros and other cool additions. There is seemingly no end to what he can do. We at CS would like to shout a hearty THANK YOU!” to Armstrong for his endless dedication. He is a constant driving force for the good of our community, and we’re very fortunate that he decides to lend his time and talents to our particular corner of that community. Thanks Ben!

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