is no April Fool, but he sure does make a fine MODZILLA! We’re lucky to have ol sporky on the team. His experience and level head keeps the ship from listing too far, and always makes sure we’re heading in the right direction. Sure, he goes on rants (legend has it he maintains a thread just for this) but what’s important is that he continuously looks to advance the profession, acts and speaks with integrity, and just plain old knows his stuff. Lately you can find him in the general channel chopping it up, but you never know where you might find a spork to come in handy! Thanks spork for everything you do around here. The entire CS community is better because of you! @everyone please don’t hesitate to let spork know you appreciate him! Yes.. that could potentially result in appx 27k messages/DMs/whathaveyou’s.. but it’s a small price I’m sure he’s willing to pay. I think.



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