So, reflections on my passing the CISSP today, not going to give anything away.
100 questions – 70 minutes.
Last night I was in your spot. Now it’s done. Such a relief.

First thought: the test process itself is a mind game you have to overcome.
Fear is the mind killer.
There you are in a weird testing center in front of a crappy old desktop that seems to be running Win 7.
You’re wearing a mask, strangers are in partitions next to you.
You check the box on your NDA and boom, you are off.
Remember, the first 20-25 questions are vital.

You probably know other CISSP holders. It doesn’t take superhuman knowledge. You just have to do the work, there is no “hack” to passing, and working in the field is a huge advantage.

Accept that you need to study all of the material, you can’t skip topics.
Also accept that with 75 of the first 100 questions, the engine can’t touch on everything in the CBK.

The psychometric questions really stood out to me.
I felt like I knew all the terms really well and suddenly, here was a question that made zero sense and had terms I’d never seen.
So I just guessed and moved on. Each question is it’s own exam.

I closed my eyes and took deep breaths every 10-15 questions. At 100 questions when it stopped I was pretty confident I had passed.

I have passed 8+ certifications by making my own 3×5 hand written flashcards. You do you.

Plan your work and work your plan! You’ll only pass this exam by grinding it out!
Know the languages of management, business, policies and risk!
If you see any terms in the OSG glossary that are unfamiliar – you aren’t ready!

Being here for the last 2 weeks was invaluable.
Headed to CISM!



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