Study Reflections – CISSP @OwenSound – October 2021

So i took the test after 3 months of study. My primary source of study was CISSP Masterclass (Beta) by John Berti and Rob Witcher. My personal Coach is: @Lou_JustLou . I spent most of my study hours going through video and making notes in the Masterclass Notebook (a printed notebook), that came as a packaged bundle with the class. I referred to OSG-9 for any topics which were mentioned in the CISSP exam outlines. I had access to Boson, Thor’s easy-mid and hard Questions, Wiley (Sybex Practice tests + OSG 9 Qs). I did them all. So Countless Questions. The masterclass has a Practice Exam which i would rate was the best among all the sources I followed. Main focus was to grasp concepts and be able to explain them in my own words. The amount of hard work required for preparations will vary from person to person , but my suggestion is: Keep working harder till you start understanding all Questions and why you were able to answer them correctly or why you got them wrong. Keep working at it everyday.



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